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Have at it.  The moderator will not interfere.


  1. Where's everyone? How can I have a pissing match by myself?

    • Ok, but I'm warning you, I have great aim! And a standing advantage!

    • They're still hiking their legs over at Conservative Victory. They'll either get the hint, or get banned over there.

      How ya been?

    • Hi Ms. Lips. I am going to Hawaii in April on the wife's coat-tails. She is giving a lecture on finance. I am drinking beer and smoking cigars on the beach while she's working. Life is great.

      • I’ll be drinking wine and and going down on my mom.

  2. An open forum with no no censorship?

    • Why not?

      Well, unless the Brazilians show up and swamp the place again, but they're easy enough to deal with.

      • What's up with those clowns? They are always on my profile page

        • You are sooo popular, you have a huge fan club.

        • Go over to TV Foco and bomb them back I did – and to be honest some of them are pretty nice people.

          • I might give that a try

        • Roger's friends. He knows how to say rim job in Portuguese.

          • He can say it several different languages.

  3. where have I been? I didn't know this was added!

  4. OKAY – philosophical / political question for you. Say I'm some rich ass mofo. Is it right or wrong for me to take out an ad in the Washington Post and say:

    $1000 to every Congressman who votes for the Coggy Is An American Hero Act.
    $5000 to every Senator who votes for the Coggy Is An American Hero Act.


    clarification: Please disregard the name of the act. It could be anything. I am asking on whether its right or wrong to out right purchase votes. Why / why not?

    • It's wrong for the politician to sell his vote, but it's not wrong for you to try to influence people. It's also wrong for politicians to buy votes.

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