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Have you seen this from the Main Stream Media? A US citizen who pays their taxes a day late is subject to fines, but undocumented workers are taking advantage of tax law to the tune of billions of dollars a year. This is just one more reason why tax laws need to be revamped and simplified. A flat tax with a single exemption for the wage earner is one solution, what is your suggestion? The status quo is not an option.


  1. 9 9 9- tweaked in one manner or another-

    Reducing bureaucracy in our government is paramount, and the IRS is the best place to start. So much code and so many people interpreting it the way they see fit is certainly not fair to more than half the people. I like pay your tax up front, no tax return, and make sure the crooks in Washington can't twist it in a few years into a pyramid VAT scheme… no double taxation- and if you don't pay taxes until you spend (so savings and growth on savings get left alone)

    Yeah, I'll buy that.

  2. Good evening di_da. I read this question early this morning, good link, and I have been chewing on it all day.

    I need a little help, I'm going to post over at Navy also, because I want to re-phrase the question a bit first.

    Revamping taxes, plans, "solutions" all are worthy goals…. but…

    I find I am very interested in the comment from the whistleblower tax preparer…. he reported fraudulent tax returns to a number of levels at the IRS…. and has no "response."

    This leads me to my "re-phrased" question: WHO, exactly, has been employed by the IRS?

    It would be very interesting to "vet" the "Government Employees" hired in say the last 20 or so years…..

    We know affirmative action has been well and truly implemented…. but that just means every Gubm'nt Office is fronted in color. But what "associations" are these Gubm'nt Workers affiliated with? Well we know many are Union of one branch or another…. what about paying members to say "La Raza"? Or CAIR? We know Sonya is afilliated with La Raza… so why not every level….

    And would a La Raza affiliated Gubm'nt Worker see it necessary to "process" a complaint against…? say La Raza?

    Like I said, my question needs some serious help and direction….just thought I'd start here. :)

    • Hmm. That's something I hadn't thought about. I know the IRS is interested in job security, but your question goes well beyond that. Guess there's only one way to find out, but will the powers that be allow us to see that answer? I don't like to be pessimistic, so I'm going to remain in good spirits. For now. After November? If Obama wins, something crooked will have happened. He's toast in an honest election, but for the time being, all anyone can do is contribute in what ever capacity they can to the conservative cause and vote. And ask questions, but don't expect honest answers. After that? I guess we'll find out in a few months.

  3. Yes, let's revamp the tax code.

    #1 priority: Get back to the business of making America WORK. In order to so, we must do what we've always done in the past IN ORDER TO MAKE AMERICA WORK: stick it to the rich.

    • Hahaha!! Good one, Coggy. Damn, I work for a rich guy. He never let's a dime out of his own pocket when someone sticks it to him. It's just one less dime for me.

      • which is exactly what HE wants you to think. ;-)

        • It's not a secret. I see the financials. I see the payroll.

          So, how are you? Haven't been online much, so I'm kinda behind.

          • I am pretty good (in real life), thank you for asking. I hope you can say the same?

            online-endeavor-wise… I'm feeling low-key these days. meditative about certain specific things… perhaps not currently feeling vocally inspired too much. This can change quickly tho, depending on events.

            p.s. what's up with this spam?

            • "p.s. what's up with this spam?"

              Got me. I've got all the filters, except profanity, turned on, but some of it gets through anyway. Any suggestions?

            • I understand. I'm sorta going through the same thing. Maybe it's summer calling us away from the keyboard.

              The spam? di_da attracts freaks. Except us of course.

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  7. A flat tax, for everyone, and only once. Not flat tax on income, then flat tax on interest earned from income, then flat tax on purchases made with income then flat tax on dividends made from income.

    Since on average, regardless of what the tax rate is, the government collects about 18% of the GPD in federal income tax, I think 17% would be fine. One deduction per earner. No more tax breaks for breeders. And no taxes on retirement accounts, or deductions for investing. Evens everything out. And everyone, above the poverty level pays. Any income over $1million per year would be exempt. But you pay 17% for every penny up to $1million.

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  11. Some perspective….

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    Historical facts show… the RICH have never had it so good here in the US. Too bad the rest of us cannot say that.

    • 'Rich' is a relative term. So, if I think you're rich, does that give me the right to take from you? And remember that Thomas Sowell article I linked to you a couple of months ago? How the income brackets are fluid?

      • do you have the article handy to refresh my memory?

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