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Have at it.  The moderator will not interfere.

Feel free to post pics and stories about any hikes you’ve been on recently.  We here at The Earth Diver are always looking for new adventures…..

Have you seen this from the Main Stream Media? A US citizen who pays their taxes a day late is subject to fines, but undocumented workers are taking advantage of tax law to the tune of billions of dollars a year. This is just one more reason why tax laws need to be revamped and simplified. A flat tax with a single exemption for the wage earner is one solution, what is your suggestion? The status quo is not an option.

We’ve all  heard stories about  long waits for health care in Canada and other countries with socialized medicine.  It’s the same story with HMOs. Is this the path we’re headed down with Obamacare?  To be treated as a number, and not a patient?  If you’ve had a bad experience dealing with a bureaucracy or an HMO when you should be dealing with a doctor, please share your experience.

Anybody living in, or vacationing to, the Pacific Northwest this July, consider visiting Ft. Vancouver in southwest Washington.  There will be a series of speaking events held at the Ft. Vancouver Visitors Center every Thursday evening at 7:00 PM in July, with the exception of the 5th.   The lectures are free to the public, and you can read about them here.  These lectures are part of the Ft.Vancouver Public Archeological Field School, can you dig it. :)  If you do attend, look for a 50 something  guy with long (real long), sun bleached red hair, as well as a white mustache and goatee.  That would be me.  Once the lecture is over, introduce yourself, and we can hit the Back Alley Bar and Grill  for a beer and a song. Hope to see y’all there.


This is a tougher question than it appears.  My favorite musical artist(s) have changed many times over the years.  As a child I listened to what my parents listened to, which was mostly ’50s era rock & roll and country western.  I’d have to say Johnny Horton was my favorite, with Marty Robbins and Bobby Bare close behind.  In my early teens it was the BeatlesElton John, and Alice Cooper.  High school, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, with Sabbath as my favorite of the two. Over the next two  decades or so, there were many artists  that I liked immensely, Rush, Judas PriestThe Cult, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Saxon, to name a few, but Sabbath remained my favorite.  Then I discovered Offspring, Alice in Chains, and Puddle of Mudd.  To this day, both Offspring and Sabbath hold a special place in my Heart, but if I had to choose just one, it would be Sabbath, just because this song is soooo damn good.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The History of Art ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
______________________________________by di_da_is_alpha

10,000 years ago there were three types of men; 1.) hunters, strong, tough men who killed and butchered the wooly mammoth; 2.) inventors, men who thought up things like spears, which made the hunters’ job easier, and fire, which made the wooly mammoth meat taste better and keep longer; 3.) slackers, who starved to death.

Then one day a slacker discovered that he could draw pictures on  cave walls with berry juice. He drew pictures of the hunters killing the wooly mammoths, which pleased the hunters, and they shared their wooly mammoth with him. Then another slacker found that if he told stories around the fire at night, stories about the brave hunters and the wise inventors, he was  allowed to  share in the feast too. Then three  slackers discovered  that if one made melodic sounds by blowing  into a reed,  and  a second sang a story, his  voice in tune with the sound of the reed,  and then if the third would beat on a log with a stick, making  a nice rhythm section,  the whole tribe could dance to the sounds they made. This was the first  power trio.

Thus, the artist was born. But back then, only a few  slackers were good at what they did, and most still starved, giving us the term, ‘Starving Artist.’ This system worked quite well until all slackers insisted they share in the feast, even though most of them had absolutely no talent. This lessening of artistic talent  required to be called an ‘artist’ reached its climax with the invention of the NEA (an invention that was thought up by another type of slacker, called the ‘government bureaucrat’), which stands for National Endowment for the Arts. Now, every goofy slacker who can take a leak in jar containing a crucifix wants to be an artist and make lots of clams no matter how untalented he/she is. This lessening of  the talent  required to make one an artist has given us slackers like Marcel Duchamp, Raymond Carver, and the Black Eyed Peas masquerading as artists.


Admittedly, the people named in the last sentence achieved a fair level of success without the help of the NEA, which only strengthens the argument that the NEA should be abolished.  One hundred and fifty million dollars a year might not be an earth shattering savings when considering the total US federal budget, but we have to cut somewhere, and the useless NEA is as good a place as any.